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I believe that having a Coaching Psychologist should be an essential part of life. We like to exercise to keep physically fit but do we keep mindfit? Our emotional hygiene is one of utmost importance and I believe and embrace this everyday.

I believe it is important to create a space for yourself to not only think about you but to take stock of where you are in life, what you want, what you are passionate about and if you are doing what you are meant to be doing.

Perhaps you are feeling stuck and don’t know why? Are you in a relationship that is causing you anguish? Do you seem to keep attracting negative people and situations? We juggle so many different roles in life, but how much time do you take out from your life to think about you?

I firmly believe that everyone on this planet has a gift and it’s your job to decide whether you want to act on it or not. I believe that you can have whatever it is that you want in life and the point in which change happens is the point where you make a decision. Living a healthier life is more than just about loosing weight, it’s about loosing the mindset that got you there in the first place. I am here to help guide you to do just that, which sometimes takes looking back in order to move forward. I am here to create a safe and warm space to share your passions and pain with and to help unlock what is preventing you from living a more fulfilling life.

There are two kinds people out there, those who get the life they want and those who don’t. Why do most people never really achieve their goals while 2-3 % really achieve a high level of success? It’s all about their mindset and how they think.

As children we are trained to believe in the power of others which can cause disempowerment rather than look for the power within ourselves. I will encourage you and give you the tools to start to think in a bold and abundant mindset because how you think matters and it changes everything in your life. I found my power from within and I am here to help inspire you to find what is blocking you from having everything that you want in life so your life is filled with boundless energy, creativity and love.


” The essence of life is growth “